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Kudos for Sister Joan’s presentations

Sister Joan gave two presentations recently that received kudos from the sponsors.

First, Sister Joan was a guest speaker for an online course on Hildegard of Bingen taught by Matthew Fox. Following her presentation, he sent this note:

Thank you So Much, Joan, for your passionate presentation yesterday! I know it meant a lot to the students to hear from you and consider those dimensions to Hildegard's life and struggles and teachings that you brought to light so diligently. And the important applications you made to today's current struggles. To hear a woman and a woman leader pronounce on her sister’s so important—and long neglected as you pointed out—voice for justice and empowerment, agency and so much more…. Grateful for your generous giving of time and thought and energy. And great to see you still in such fine form, continuing to fight the good fight. Proud to be your brother (and Hildegard's too),  matthew
Second, Sister Joan was interviewed for a podcast on her new book, The Monastic Heart, by Banyen Books and Sound, Canada’s largest spirituality book store. Jacob Steele, Events Manager sent this note:

Thank you for the profound Banyen Books event conversation this week! We have received floods of e-mails of appreciation for the event. It gave me much to contemplate personally around such themes as the value of Sabbath, the true meaning and role of humility in spiritual life, and more. Attached is an excel sheet with the names and e-mails of 196 of the 409 live event registrants who requested to be added to your e-mail list. Warmly, Jacob Steele