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Joan Chittister on Oprah on Easter Sunday

Posted: Apr 10, 2020

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Joan Chittister on her book, The Time Is Now, is being rebroadcast Easter Sunday morning at 10 a.m. local time on OWN. Episodes are also available on the Watch OWN app and on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast.

NCR Column on Principles in Pandemic

Posted: Apr 9, 2020

Joan Chittister’s latest column in the National Catholic Reporter teaches principles from Benedictine spirituality that we need during this time of pandemic. To read the four truths that she deems essential for this time, click here.

Brené Brown Recommends

Posted: Mar 30, 2020

Best-selling author Brené Brown, whose TED Talk, “The Call to Courage” is one of the five most-viewed talks in the world, closed a 15-minute church service on her Instagram story with an excerpt from Joan Chittister’s, “Prayer for Conscience and Courage." Click here to read the entire prayer as it is posted on the Monasteries of the Heart website. (If you are not already a member, click here to sign up for a free membership.)

Staff Members' Outreach

Posted: Mar 30, 2020

A new online Global Sisters Report column by Sister Linda Romey, Benetvision’s web designer and developer, recounted her trip to the border and drew some imaginative applications to religious life. Click here.

Benetvision’s newest staff member Katie Gordon, who is also on the coordinating committee of Nuns & Nones, addressed the Congregation of Saint Agnes in Fond du Lac, WI on the subject of foundresses of religious communities. To listen to her talk, click here.

Instagram Account

Posted: Feb 27, 2020

Be inspired by Joan Chittister. Follow Monasteries of the Heart on Instagram, at  https://www.instagram.com/monasteriesoftheheart/ for regular inspiration, challenge and insight from Joan Chittister. Use #joanchittister when you share Sister Joan's wisdom to make it easier for others to find it. 

Save the Date

Posted: Feb 27, 2020

Joan Chittister will participate in a web-based panel conversation in honor of International Women's Day sponsored by the Carter Center on Thursday, March 5 from noon to 1 p.m.  The topic discussed will be "Religion, Gender, Justice, & Equality: Faith Leaders Reflect on the Promise of the Equal Rights Amendment. "

Sister Joan will join two other eminent faith leaders, Rev. Dr. Serene Jones (President of Union Theological Seminary, member of the board of the ERA coalition) and Rev. Traci C. West (Associate Professor of Ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theological School) to discuss the significance of the ERA from the perspective of their scholarship, religious convictions, and experiences in ministry and public life. Allyson Timm, executive director of Justice Revival, will moderate the conversation. 

The link for the live-streamed event will be available next week. On the eve of International Women’s Day, join us for this vital conversation on women’s rights. The event will also be recorded and available on the Carter Center website after the event.   https://www.cartercenter.org/

Library Journal Deems "Time Is Now" A Must Read

Posted: Jan 30, 2020

In its December 2019 print issue, the Library Journal listed The Time Is Now by Joan Chittister as one of its “Essential Titles of 2019.” The publication gave it a starred review last spring in its online newsletter. Click here.  

NCR Column on The Misery of Truth

Posted: Jan 16, 2020

"There is one more virtue necessary to the stability of the country. And it may well be the one most lacking in this society today. It is truth. Honesty, verity, authenticity and factuality are the underpinnings of good, effective government. But facts alone are not its gold standard," writes Joan Chittister in her latest National Catholic Reporter column on the virtues needed in today's society. Click here to read the full piece. 

NCR Columns on Disavowal and Extremism

Posted: Jan 14, 2020

NCR COLUMNS:Joan Chittister’s current column series in the National Catholic Reporter, which deals with the unlikely virtues needed for our times, has two new installments: one on disavowal, and one on extremism. Click here to read the piece about promises that should be broken, and here to read about the need to step away from moderation.

Joan Chittister Quoted in Katie Gordon Article

Posted: Dec 10, 2019

Katie Gordon, the 2019 Joan Chittister Intern and soon-to-be Monasteries of the Heart staff member, references Joan Chittister in an article that appeared in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin (Autumn/Winter 2019). “Beyond the Nones” discusses the search of many millennials for contemplation and spirituality that is drawing them to the monastic charism, but not necessarily institutional religions. Katie, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School in 2019, is a national organizer with Nuns & Nones.